Dried Sweet Tamarind, 30 lbs / case

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Dried Sweet Whole Tamarind

                                 $93.00 per case ( 30 lbs ). Only $3.10 per pound


  • Ingredients: Dried tamarind (tamarindo)


  • Benefits: Sweet tamarind is rich calcareous, phosphorus, iron and so on many kinds of elements. The calcareous quantity occupies the first place in all fruits. It has the cool solution bureau, whets the appetite is good for the spleen the effect, the straight connection may promote saliva or body fluids including the sweet angle dispels summer heat, relieves a cough the phlegm reduction, eliminates the pharynx and larynx ache, helps the digestion, clean tooth solid tooth. It is good health food for both young and old pepole.


  • Sguested Use: Dried tamarind is good snack and also good materials for cooking soup.