Dried Pitted Prunes , 25 lbs / case

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Whole Dried Pitted Prunes

California Grown

 25 lbs per box. $3.30 per pound

Kosher Certified Product


  • Ingredients: California dried pruns, potassium sorbate.


  • Benefits: The fresh version (plums) and the dried version (prunes) of the plant scientifically known as Prunus domestica have been the subject of repeated health research for their high content of unique phytonutrients called neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid. These substances found in plum and prune are classified as phenols, and their function as antioxidants has been well-documented..


  • Suggested Use: The dried fruit offers all of the taste of its fresh counterpart without the limited seasonality. Dried Fruits are very versatile. They can been used in baked goods, salads, sauces, trail mixes, hot cereals, muffins, scones, fruit cakes and homemade ice cream. Dried pitted prunes are great as a snack just as they are and also great for baking.